Diane Whitehead

Diane is highly praised for her strong brushstrokes and bold use of color; both of which make her work come alive.

Diane shares her talent to help animals by donating her work for animal charity functions in and around Park City, Priest Lake Idaho, Spokane Washington and Ovando Montana.

She has lived most of her life in Spokane Washington, the second of 8 children in a loving supportive environment. She currently lives in Ovando Montana and travels quite frequently to wild and Western States. Diane has been in love with animals since early childhood. She studied Business in College, all the while yearning for the outdoors and oil paints.

After working “regular jobs” for several years, she finally jumped back into painting animals and the beauty around her.


“Bear Paws”

36 x 48 and $6500

“Gruff Bear”

22 x 28 and $2900

“Leader of the Pack”

28×22 and $2900

“Side View”

22×28 and $2900

Sold  “Across The River Bear”

36 x 24 and $3900

Sold   “Francine Fox”

24×20 and $2200

Sold  “Huckleberry Bear”

22×28 and $2800

Sold  “Berry Bear”

22×28 and $2800

Sold   “Up From The Brush”

24×36 and $3900